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Very good quality. Well worth the money.
Fits perfectly in the Model 3. And it's flexible enough to fold backwards if you want to bring the back seats back up. ( Or to fold up if you want to access the sub trunk. ) Great stuff. Very happy with it.

Great sleep

I’m a very light sleeper and was surprised how well I slept on the mattress, I’m a side sleeper so put a yoga mat underneath for extra padding, it’s great quality, easy enough to pack up, definitely does the job for a couple of nights car sleep.

Love it, watch out for Velcro

Just got my car a few weeks ago. Love to mattress and so comfy. Setup and roll down is easy. Only issue is the Velcro… when figuring out how to roll it up for the first time, the whole velcro portion of it got stuck the the back of the seats. When trying to remove the Velcro the back of the folded seats, it started to pull hard and now an area that of my trunk looks a little weathered… after having this car for 3 weeks… slightly disappointed in this one.

Hi Ian,

I'm really sorry to hear! There is a small velcro tab on the top of the mattress that you can stick the velcro flap to so that it does not stick to the back seats when unrolling.

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model Y
K.J. (Rancho Santa Margarita, US)
Even better than expected

Great quality and fit. Only takes a couple of minutes to install.

Very nice Product (Generation 4)

I received the new edition (Generation 4) and stayed in my Model Y for a week. The mattress was very comfortable. After one night the mattress slipped a little in the car. However, this could be corrected very quickly. The privacy screen was also great and fit the vehicle like a glove. I can recommend the product to everyone, I would buy it again.
Many thanks for the very fast delivery to Switzerland.

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model 3
Michael H. (Manchester, GB)
Charlie’s TM

My son Charlie loves it!

Its very easy to assemble an we had lots of fun using it. two adults easily fit without any problems.

Worth it.

It fit to my Model Y (M.I.G)

Worth the cost of a hotel room

I'll cover cost, convenience, and comfort:

COST: the Tesmat model 3 mattress costs about (maybe slightly more than) what a typical hotel room costs in California.

CONVENIENCE: Unlike a hotel room, I can reuse the Tesmat again and again. If I'm on a short trip, the ability to save $200 is a great thing, and will make it easier to afford more trips.

COMFORT: this is the one you've all been waiting for. It's certainly not $2000 premium memory gel masterpiece, but it kicks the crap out of the average inflatable, and it's comfortable enough for a big guy like me (6ft, 250lbs). A fun tip for taller guys: lay with your head facing the trunk, and you can kick your feet out through the front seats.

All in all, it's a no brainier to get this if you're going to take more than two overnight trips in your Tesla. And if you're really trying to min/max, you can park at a destination charger, pick up the privacy blockers for the windows, and camp while plugged in and slow charging. Wake up rested, charged, and ready to go. I may or may not have done this in Reno. :D

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Randall M. (Pinetops, US)
great design

Pro Tip: Buy the "Glass Roof Sunshade" accessory for your Telsa, setup the shade and this privacy screen in your car to measure where the suction cups line up. Then cut one little point on where the suction cup can be pushed through the sunshade.

Poof. Now you can block 66% of the light at the top and it holds the privacy screen much better too. It works really well against overhead security lights if you are stealth camping.

You're welcome :)

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model Y
Margaret S. (Grand Rapids, US)
Love it - not perfect, but satisfactory in the important ways

I regularly travel with one to four 90-105# Scottish Deerhounds. This was exactly what I was looking for.

What I love: it fits perfectly in my MYLR and extends the length over the 2nd row headrests. It makes the entire area perfect for my dogs. I put wool blankets over it and then dog beds on top of that. I also love that I can take the sections out and compress them into the carrying case. I also love that the carrying case fits in the Frunk and doubles as a cooler.

What I don’t love: I think it might be a little thin for padding when I sleep in my Tesla. But I can always deal with that, and it satisfies in all the other ways, so I am happy that I bought it.

Better then expected

I just had my first sleep in the middle 3 on Tesmat. It was better than expected. I would not go to 5 stars mainly for few reasons - the quality of the bed could be better. The cover is my first choice. I am concern how it will handle wear and tear of the prolonged use. The firm inserts are too thin - could be better. But the design is great. The bag is also good however the straps were not attached to the loops nor there were no instructions on how to do it. I was able to figure out on my own. One negative is not on the matters but the privacy cover - too short. Needs more material in the front and back - I used it but it was my least favorite thing.

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Severin S. (Trondheim, NO)
Works like a charm, but could use a manual

It works well and I love the cozy feeling you get inside once the bed is made and the screen is set up. But I don’t like the solution in the back. It’s a bit finicky and hard to get just right. This might be me doing it wrong though! But then instructions would help a great deal!

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Philippe L. (La Chaux-de-Fonds, CH)
Practical, space-saving, efficient

I am very happy with the Tesmat privacy screen product. The fact that it folds up into a bag and is a one-piece unit makes it easy to install.
My 4 out of 5 stars comes from the fact that I find that it lacks a little fabric to fix it well to the windshield. Indeed the fabric is clipped a little too far forward which makes the bottom obscure part of the ventilation. The same problem for the rear.
The product arrived very quickly but I find that putting half the price of the product for delivery in Europe is exaggerated. Why not find a retailer like Amazon in Europe?
Have a nice Sunday.

Great but pricey outside US

I’ve now spent three full nights in my Model 3 using the Tesmat and the fitted bedsheets. All in all, I am very happy with it! It’s easy and fast to set up and take down and I sleep surprisingly well on it! Although the mattress is not very thick it is relatively very comfortable! (It also can’t be too thick to remain portable and competitors are thinner). I also like how it fits the shape of the trunk (around the wheels and back) perfectly.
As far as I can see, there are only two downsides: the main one is that ordering from Norway, the total price (including mandatory priority international shipping and toll fees) ends up being quite hefty. A minor inconvenience is that the packed mattress in its case does fit in the subtrunk (2021 M3), but not 100%, that is, it makes the subtrunk cover not close 100%. This is no issue really once you have something in the trunk (which you will probably have).

Great mattress!

It’s really hard to call it camping in a Tesla, but we really enjoyed our Tesmat. It was very comfortable:)

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model Y
Jungwoo S. (Seongbuk-gu, KR)
Awesome mattress ever!!

Comfort, perfect fit for model Y

produit parfaitement adapté

j’ai commandé et reçu le pack complet pour ma Tesla model 3 et je suis très satisfait
les 3 matelas sont de bonne qualité et s’adaptent parfaitement au véhicule : promesse tenue
la housse et les occultants sont très appréciables

le confort est assez surprenant

le sac de rangement est très pratique et conforme à la description : il peut vraiment faire office de glacière

bref je suis très satisfait de cet achat - investissement

Nice compact unit with sleek carrying case

I really liked the tesmat because it’s compact. Sadly I had to get a tesmat that is not perfect for my car (model s). I’m not sure if the issues I had with it are for this reason or if model 3 owners would experience the same issues. The first issue is that the seats in the model s don’t actually sit flush to the trunk… so there is a huge lump across the middle of the mattress that is really uncomfortable… I stuffed a blanket under the first night… but after that I just slept in the bottom half in a little ball… worked for me because I’m only 5 ft tall lol. The second issue is that the tesmat doesn’t actually fit in the sub trunk.. it pops up above the subtrunk so it won’t actually close unless you have something heavy in your trunk weighing it down. Aside from that it was perfect, super easy to set up and pack. Very nice quality mattress, sheets, and case. Overall can’t complain too much because the alternative is paying $1k for the dream case. Not ideal but a good alternative

A Great camping mattress for Tesla Car

I have seen reviews and people who have used the Tesmat on Youtube and thought it looked pretty good. I had been thinking about ordering it, but wasn't sure if I would actually use it or if it would be worth the money. I had a trip come up to where I would have to work all day and then go to my son's soccer game, and then drive four hours to a town so I would be there the next day. I decided to shower before leaving the house and make the drive and stay in the Tesla in Camp Mode instead of spending $150+ on a room and only be able to get 5 hours of sleep after arriving in the middle of the night. The Tesmat was very good to sleep on and I awoke refreshed and ready for the day. I give it four stars. I do wish it was a little thicker, but again it was a pretty good night sleep. Maybe it can't be thicker and still able to fit under the sub trunk of the Model 3. The Tesmat is great quality and easy to set up and put away. This is just the first use, so I expect to use again and again as needed and thanks to Tesla Camp Mode and my Tesmat the bed should pay for itself on my next use. Mark Jackson

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model Y
Colorado C. (Colorado Springs, US)
Case is handy

The mattress is in multiple pieces and thin so it's not that comfy. The case will come in handy for a soft-sided cooler. Not super impressed but it will work for what I need. Meh. There are less expensive /better options for sure. Four stars. Keep looking if you have the time. Read Michael Z. too. Pros and cons are listed nicely in his review.

A MUST have for any Tesla owner!

I purchased the Tesmat for a 3 night camping trip to the SoCal desert. Long story short I loved sleeping in the Y for the first time - the mattress is so convenient, comfy and just all around useful! Easy to set up and fold back to the trunk in between nights. We were traveling for hikes every day and switching the car back to the trip setup with child seats took just 5 minutes every time. My friends were a little cold in their tents while I was enjoying the warmth of the Tesla Camp Mode. You just have to try glamping with the Tesmat in the Tesla, especially Model Y! Highly recommended!

Amazing car mattress!!

The mattress doesn’t disappoint! Smart design, very easy to set up, very comfy to lie down on! Well worth the money!

Does What It Promises to Do

Works as promised. Very comfortable. Would buy it again. My cat (pictured) also gives her seal of approval!

It works!

My wife and I just completed 7,500 miles in the model “Y”. We spent 5 total nights on the TESMAT and were very happy with the experience. This is a well thought out product: the rigid piece that extends the length over the wheel well that also allows you to easily compress the mat into it’s bag was spot on, the materials felt luxurious and the sheets were an added benefit. As other have said, if you are a side sleeper - and I am - you do feel the floor of the car on your boney parts. It did not, however, keep me from getting a good night sleep. If you added a thin, high density foam camping mat under the TESMAT, you’d be perfectly comfortable. We now keep it in the car permanently, because even at a 30 minute charge it’s a perfect place for a ‘cat nap’.